Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fun in the sun....Day 2

We started the day off with a laugh, we had decided to go to breakfast at 6:00 a.m. at 5:45 I decided to make sure everyone was going to make it. Being Deanna likes to be actually presentable in the morning and not looking like she just crawled out of bed it takes her longer then the boys who don't care. Deanna stayed in Grandpa and Grandma's extra room.I went and knocked on the door, no answer, went and called Moms cell phone, still no answer, called the room, still no answer...I was beginning to think they had died in there. I called mom cell phone again finally a very sleepy voice said "why are you calling so early?" By this time it was 6:05...well lets just say we didn't make it to Disneyland by 7:00 for our early bird pass.

When we got to Disneyland we rode Indiana Jones, Pirates, Splash Mountain, Calico Mine Thunder Mountain , the Matterhorn, the haunted mansion. Then we headed over to California Adventure and rode Grizzly Rapids and even got Grandma Fern on California Screamin' all by noon.

We were so wet from Splash Mountain and Grizzly Rapids that we decided to go back to the hotel for lunch, and dry clothes. As you can see from the photos when we got to the car Dave took his shoes off and was leaving wet footprints on the parking lot.

Lunch time!

The hotel was so nice and peaceful we decided to spend the afternoon enjoying the pool and hot tub.

Later after going out to dinner we went back to Disneyland.... we had some bad luck with the soaring over California ride, after waiting in line for 30 minutes we were at the door to the ride, our turn was next, we are getting excited, then" we are sorry this ride has just broke down. We will have to give you a pass to come back later." We couldn't come back later because California Adventure was closing. So we went over to Disneyland and used the pass on the new finding Nemo ride. Which worked out great because that ride has a really long line and we got to go to the front of the line. We didn't close down Disneyland but we lasted until midnight. Not to bad considering we had gotten up at 5:oo a.m. and some of us at 6:00 a.m. Dustin trying on flying gear at Condor Flats Flying Store.

That's all she wrote...

Monday, March 30, 2009

Our fun in the sun....Day 1

We had a great trip. I don't know if I would recommend getting up a 4:00 a.m. , flying to L.A., renting a car, checking into a hotel and going to Disneyland until 11:oo p.m. This makes a long day...but you're only young once, unfortunately my once is long gone. A few years ago I would have stayed until Disneyland closed...guess I'm getting old.

Mom, Dave, Dustin and I went to a drawing class at Disneyland. We learned how to draw Piglet. I think the three of them did a great job. Mine which, will not be pictured, looked more like a kangaroo than piglet. Maybe it because Duane and Deanna called me and I missed a few steps.

Look out Disney Artists you have competition.

We were lucky enough to have Donna and Jim join us at Disneyland was really fun getting to spend some time with them.

We all went to see the "Broadway style" play of Aladdin. They had some amazing props....great jokes...Aladdin flying on the magic carpet...life sized elephants, camels and horse puppets. Dave even stayed awake most of the time :) so it must have been good.

When we were heading back to the car after our long day, we were lucky enough to see the Disneyland fireworks from the top level of the parking garage.

Our bed sure looked inviting when we got to the hotel...I think we all made record time getting ready for bed. We stayed at the Radisson it was a great place to stay and play. They had a complete breakfast, sleep number beds, kitchen and beautiful courtyard.

That's all she wrote,

Monday, March 9, 2009

Global warming?!?!?!?!

The sun has not come back..only more snow!! It is March 9th, we should be enjoying warm spring showers not snow showers. We got up to snow, then it melted, then it snowed again, then melted, then it was a blizzard, and we got 3 inches in about a hour. That time the snow stayed, it was a beautiful winter wonderland.

I was filling a little house bound so Darren and Deanna and I built a snow women, Molly,(This is Deanna now, That's not really the name, She changes it every 5 minutes. Deanna out.) to represent what we would like to be doing.Sitting by the pool, drinking Diet Pepsi What do you think? Looks like she could use a little more sun. Deanna didn't think she needed the sunscreen, that she could use all the rays she could get. The sun screen is on the chair next to her.
While we working a little bird came and sat on her head. It was cute. It stayed there quite awhile.

My tulips are the only real sign that spring is on its way. Only 11 days until the first day of spring..yay!!

That's all she wrote,

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Almost Potluck

Some of you may have wondered what happened to us, we never showed up at the potluck. After meeting we went home to get our food and table and chairs. We loaded up the car and off we went, stopped for gas and the car wouldn't start. The engine just made a horrible grinding noise. Oh no what is wrong now!
Dad worked on my car on and off all last week to get it to pass the emission test. And it was working wonderfully, almost like a new car so what is going on? It passed the emission test fine, no codes, so what is wrong??
Well, after a phone call to AAA they came and towed us home. Thank goodness for AAA. Dad doesn't have to rescue me this time.
After we got home Dad and Mom brought us over the Saturn so we could go to gospel meeting. We were stuffed in there like sardines.
After meeting Dave and Dad took the car apart. The intake manifold had burned out. Thank goodness Dad had just replace the one on his car so he knew what was wrong.
So Dad gets to spend tomorrow fixing my car and looking for the parts that I lose while helping him. Thanks Dad, we could not get anywhere with out you!! You really keep us going.

That's all she wrote,

Mr. Sun please come here, or we'll shed a tear!

While we were driving home we saw a sign that said "Mr. Sun please come here, or we'll shed a tear. " This is how we felt yesterday when we got up to snow again. It is March we have had enough. That is why we live in the Puget Sound area it is only supposed to rain here in the winter.
My flowers are wondering if they will EVER get to go back outside. They miss the sun as much as I do. We will take 50 degrees and rain anytime over 30 degrees and mucky.
That's all she wrote,

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Welcome to our families blog. After being bugged about not having a blog we finally decided to jump on the band wagon. Deanna claims we don't do anything so why have a blog. Diane says she is too busy and the boys just fight, and Dave just goes to work and kisses the paycheck goodbye.

We are planning on going to Disneyland and Palm Springs for spring break. Donna and Jim are meeting us there. Mom and Dad wanted to join us and thanks to Jared and Margret being willing to take care of Grandma Grace, Mom and Dad get to come too. We are really looking forward to some warm weather and all being together. Especially since it snowed this morning! California here we come!

That's all she wrote,