Friday, June 5, 2009

I'm back (kind of...)

Sorry, I have not had time to post lately. The weather finally got nice enough(although a little to hot) to do projects outside. We have been working this week on

Refurbishing our stairs to our front door.
Yard work
and setting up the pool so the kids can go swimming.

Dustin also had his final concerts this week. He was awesome. It's amazing how much progress they have made from coming in at the beginning of the school year knowing nothing, to be playing songs! We are so proud of him, we are also glad to hear that he has decided to continue to play the viola again next year.

Deanna had finals this week. So she has been busy studying this week. Darren is working on finishing his school work so he can start summer vacation.

I promise that eventually i will get around to posting better posts. Just give me some time.
That's all she wrote,